New York Staff Band Audition Form


The New York Staff Band is a group of Christian musicians whose mission is to:

Provide musical support for major Salvation Army public events; Provide local Salvation Army corps with quality musical leadership. Provide a high standard of performance and recordings to increase public awareness of The Salvation Army and its overall mission to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Salvationist who wishes to become a Staff Band member must be active and in good standing in his/her own corps. It is expected that he/she will be involved in music activities of the corps, unless excused by the Executive Officer after consultation with the band member’s Divisional Commander.

The procedure to apply for membership is as follows:

  1. Express interest in becoming a member by filling out the application below.
  2. If deemed appropriate, the Executive Officer will seek approval of the Corps Officer and Divisional Commander to hold an audition.
  3. The applicant is interviewed by the Executive Officer and the Staff Bandmaster. An audition will be conducted by the Staff Bandmaster and other members of the band.
  4. the Executive Officer makes his recommendation for membership to the Chief Secretary.
  5. The Chief Secretary appoints the band member to the Staff Band.

Officers appointed to Staff Band membership as deemed appropriate by the Chief Secretary, following consultation with their administrative officer and recommendation of the Executive Officer and the Staff Bandmaster. All other criteria for membership apply to officers appointed to the band.

List any activites that you are involved in at the corps and/or divisional level - Senior band, Sunday school teacher etc.