Worship the King


“Worship the King” is the latest album from the New York Staff Band. This album comprises a captivating range of music for brass band that is both powerful and uplifting. The album showcases the creative genius of renowned composers such as Philip Harper, whose “Worship the King” is an uplifting and inspiring piece, and Marcus Venables, whose soulful and contemplative composition, “Our Consecration,” is sure to resonate with listeners. Additionally, Brenton Broadstock’s emotive masterpiece, “Prayers and Tribulations,” delivers a powerful and poignant message that explores the human experience of suffering and struggle, and the role that faith and prayer can play in helping us through those difficult times. This album promises to leave an indelible impression on listeners of diverse backgrounds. It is our sincere hope and prayer that the music on this album will serve to uplift and inspire all who listen.


1 Worship the King 4:01
2 Hear the Call 4:40
3 Be Thou My Vision 4:19
4 Prayers and Tribulations 15:21
5 The Water of Tyne 4:23
6 The Risen King 3:32
7 Forever 4:31
8 Deus Solus 8:18
9 Our Consecration 4:33
10 The Conqueror 5:46
11 More to Give  3:40