My Song of Songs


This recording combines the dedicated amateur musicians of the NYSB with one of today’s premiere professional trumpeters in an album sure to become a classic. Philip Smith comments on choosing the repertoire for this recording:
As I decided on repertoire, I was guided by a desire to connect with the heritage of the New York Staff Band, my own experience in the staff band, my dad’s connection as staff bandmaster and my connection with him. But if anybody hears this album and hears only music, they’ve missed the point. My prayer is that they will hear the message. I want them to know my motivation — what Christ means to me, how He has led me and how He continues to lead.


1 Excursions 6:42
2 My Song of Songs 4:26
3 Joshua 2:51
4 Glory to His Name 6:13
5 The Victors 2:39
6 Only One Intention 3:52
7 Concertpiece for Cornet 6:30
8 Arabesque 3:40
9 Georgian Song 3:10
10 Trumpet Call 5:18
11 They Shall Be Mine 2:37
12 Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals 5:54
13 Blessed Lord 2:23
14 Standing on the Promises 4:02
15 A Gaelic Blessing 1:23